Citizens Information and Remote Service

  • KEP Visiting Platform: Make an online Rendezvous with the Citizens' Service Center you want to visit
  • myEFKALive: Teleconferencing service from e-EFKA
  • myConsulLive: Teleconferencing service from Consular Authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • myKEPlive:  Teleconferencing service from Citizens' Service Center
  • myOAEDlive:  Teleconferencing service 
  • myDimoslive    Service from your Municipality with Rendezvous by Physical Presence  or remotely 
  • OAED Rendezvous Platform by Physical Presence:  Service with Rendezvous from Manpower Employment Organization
  • myKTIMATOLOGIOlive:  Teleconferencing service from the Hellenic Land Registry
  • mySynigoroslive: Digital appointment for telephone service, teleconferencing or for physical presence at the Citizens' Service Office of the Independent Authority of The Greek Ombudsman