Pythia: Research project for the development of chatbots technology



The Pythia project aims at the development and implementation of a new model for providing services, based on the chatbot technology. Through the implementation of the Bots-as-a-Service model, the actors involved in the project, aim at the creation of new personalized services for the users through natural language and the performance of automated transactions through the dialogic interactions with the bots. The deployment of the services of the Bots-as-a-Service model will be supported by infrastructures that will emerge from targeted research, and will provide reliable results regarding the understanding of the hellenic language and the structuring of a set of logical rules and arguments for the upgrading of the interaction level with the least possible human intervention. 

Main objective of the General Secretariat of Informational Systems and Digital Governance and of the Ministry of Digital Governance from participating to the Pythia project is the furtherance of the mission of continuous promotion of the digital and administrative transformation of the country as well as its adjustment to the rapidly changing international environment. The aforementioned mission is carried out through the formation of the framework, the rules and the operation conditions, targeting to the optimization of the function of the government and the collective prosperity, the improvement of the life of citizens via the use of digital tools, the direct service of the citizens provided by the government, the growth of the economy and the strengthening of participation. At the same time, the institutions, the public interest and the critical infrastructures of the country are better protected. 

For the Pythia project, the General Secretariat of Informational Systems and Digital Governance developed two chatbots:

Α) citizen and enterprise guidance for issuing of administrative fees 

Β) citizen guidance for updating their personal details held by the banks 

For further information regarding the project, please visit:

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