Interoperability Center of the Ministry of Digital Governance (KE.D)

The Interoperability Center (KED) of the Ministry of Digital Governance is the information system developed by the General Secretariat of Information Systems & Digital Governance, with the aim of interconnecting the electronic services of the Public Administration (Government Gazette 3990/Β/1-11-2019). 

The Interoperability Center (KED) ensures a single environment (infrastructure) for the installation and use of electronic services, through which operational data is exchanged between the Public Bodies.
here the basic Electronic Services of  KED which are in production mode


Find here  the basic Electronic Services of Interoperability Center (KED) which are in production mode

Web services are data exchange services between information systems or applications, available to Public Bodies on a twenty-four-hour basis, seven days a week, and contribute to:

  • In the valid, immediate and up-to-date provision of information between Public Bodies,
  • In achieving economies of scale through the correct processing of information by the Public Body that has the responsibility of managing it.


Any Public Body that wishes to make use of the existing electronic services (ws) through the Interoperability Center (KED), must follow the following steps:

In case  that the Public Body wishes to propose the creation of a non-existing electronic service to  KE.D., it must follow the following steps:


The Interoperability Center (KED) provides the Public Bodies with the means for uninterrupted operational and productive operation, ensuring high information security conditions. KED does not store operational or administrative information for reasons of Personal Data Protection.

The seamless provision of administrative-operational informations, as well as ensuring the quality circulation and management of information, strengthens transparency in the Public Sector.

KED includes:

Ministerial Decisions:

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Frequently asked questions - answers about the Interoperability Center (KED)

Interoperability Center (KED) Statistics

For the Statistics of the Interoperability Center (KED) click here 



For the best service from the Interoperability Center team, your questions should be sent to:


  • to the email:  for technical questions.
  • to the email:  for matters concerning the submission of requests to the EDA
  • to the email:  for broader issues of the Interoperability Center and for inclusion of a request in production mode.


For inquiries regarding existing requests, the email subject should state: the request number, your carrier and the name of the ws (example 1000 - ΕΦΚΑ - oAuth2).

For information on data processing, please contact the DPO of the Ministry of Digital Governance: