Traceability System for Tobacco Products (ID Issuer)

Announcement 30/11/2022

We would like to inform you that the General Secretariat of Information Systems for Public Administration, T&T ID Issuer for Greece and Cyprus intends to change the IT platform for UID generation.
Please, find useful information about the new platform release timetable and significant changes introduced here
We are at your disposal for any further information/clarifications here

(GSIS - ID Issuer for Greece and Cyprus)



ID Issuer System Access 



According to 2014/40/EU tobacco products directive (TPD) and following implementation regulation (EE) 2018/574, manufacturers, importers and first retailer outlet operators introduced the new tracking and tracing system for cigarette & roll-your-own tobacco products  since 20 May 2019. Tobacco products are marked by unique identifiers assigned by competent ID issuers for each Member-State.  Relevant information can be found in EU website here.

The General Secretariat of Information Systems (GSIS) is the competent ID Issuer for Greece and Cyprus and provides the ID Issuer platform with:


  • A portal with relevant information
  • Registration service for economic operators and first retail outlet operators
  • Ordering Unique Identifiers service for tobacco products

Registration of Economic Operators


A. Who needs to Register


‘Economic operator’ means any natural or legal person who is involved in the trade of tobacco products, including for export, from the manufacturer to the last economic operator before the first retail outlet.

‘First retail outlet’ means the facility where tobacco products are placed on the market for the first time, including vending machines used for the sale of tobacco products.
Economic operators and first retailer operators who operate at least one unit in Greece or Cyprus and importers who market their products in the Greek or Cypriot markets submit a request to the GSIS for an Economic Operator identifier Code (EO_ID).

Economic operators and first retailer outlet operators, as well as importers for manufacturing facilities located outside the Union request a Facility Identifier Code (F_ID).
Manufacturers and Importers may submit a request for Machine Identifier Code (M_ID).




The e-mail address provided during registration will be the Username of the created user account. Please make sure that this e-mail address is valid and accessible by the Economic Operator. In this e-mail address, an activation link will be sent in order to complete the registration process.

B. Registration Procedure


In order to complete the Registration, an Economic Operator has to follow the following steps:

Step 1. Create a user account

  • For users with Greek VAT number (AFM), click here
  • For users without Greek VAT number (AFM), click here.


Step 2. Economic Operator, Facility, Machine Registration

After completing user registration process, the user can access the system here to proceed for registering in the traceability Registry and get Economic Operator, Facility and Machine Identifier Codes.

Order Unique Identifier Codes


A. Who can order UIs


Manufacturers and importers of tobacco products request Unique Identifiers for tobacco unit-level packs. Economic Operators may, optionally, request Unique Identifiers at aggregated packaging level.

The ID Issuer platform for ordering UIs is available to already registered Economic Operators, since 20/5/2019, here.


B. Fees charged for generating and issuing unique identifiers


For generating and issuing unique identifiers, Manufacturers and Importers are charged with fees according to Ministerial Decision. An e-administrative fee (e-paravolo) is automatically issued each day with the total amount summed for Economic Operator’s daily orders per retail country (Greece, Cyprus, non-EU countries). An e-mail with the fee details including the amount and payment code is delivered to the e-mail address used for Economic Operator registration. ID Issuer platform offers user reports with all relevant information on orders, invoices and respective due fees along with the payment status.

 Payment of the fee must be completed within 30 days of its creation, following the instructions given here.


C. Technical specifications for Manufacturers and Importers

API interface calls are available for the following cases:

  • Registration of Facilities / Machines by a registered Economic Operator
  • Registration of first retail outlets by a registered Economic Operator
  • Requests for Unique Identifiers unit-pack or aggregated level packaging (optional)

 For more information on technical specifications for API endpoints:


Unit-level Unique Identifiers are encoded into the data carrier according to the following ID Issuer instructions:

User Support


A. User Guide Document


User guide document can be found  here.


Β. EU tobacco traceability system


Personal Data Processing in the context of the EU tobacco traceability system


C. Contact Form



D. Call Center

         213-133 3033 / option 2


E. Notifications / News